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Three Rail Key Clamp Guardrail Installed at Dalgety Bay

The Interclamp three rail galvanised tube clamp system installed at Dalgety Bay is a modular, versatile, and durable solution for enhancing safety measures in a variety of environments. It is particularly well-suited for complex landscapes, as it can be easily adapted to fit any terrain or layout.


The system is constructed from galvanised steel key clamp fittings and handrail tube, which provides superior corrosion resistance and ensures a long service life. The key clamp fittings offer quick and easy installation with minimal tools, which minimises disruption to nearby users.


In the case of Dalgety Bay, the Interclamp system was used to create a three rail galvanised handrail along a slipway. This provides enhanced safety for both visitors and slipway users, particularly during adverse weather conditions. The system is also aesthetically pleasing, blending seamlessly with the surrounding environment.

tube clamp barrier installed on a slipway, bolstering safety measures for staff and users
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