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Modular Interclamp Tube Clamp Fittings, Handrails and Balustrades

Premier Australian supplier of fully compliant modular high quality galvanised tube clamp and key clamp handrail and guardrail fittings with a multitude of uses

Designed for easy, simple and fast erection of rigid structures by hand with the minimum of tools, Interclamp® is a cost effective, efficient system, particularly compared with traditional methods of construction such as welding, where specialist tools, extensive training and experience are required.

Modular Interclamp tube clamp handrail fittings


Versatile and modular galvanised handrail tube and pipe clamp fittings.
Buy Online, delivery Australia wide


Ex-Stock for rapid delivery Australia wide. Reduced transportation costs in comparison to pre fabricated solutions
Rapid to assemble key clamp fittings


Using a simple hexagon key or Interclamp ratchet. Fast construction of varied structures possible with the minimum of tools.
Modular handrail fittings, no welding required


No welding required. Eliminates the need to carry bulky welding equipment from site to site and hot work permits.
Latest Projects
Galvanized Segregation Barrier Install Galvanized Segregation Barrier Install
Interclamp 4000 Series has been used in conjunction with key clamp fittings and tube to create a guardrail, used for security, safety and segregation for an industrial car park....
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Indoor Modular Barrier Fall Protection Indoor Modular Barrier Fall Protection
Our key clamp Interclamp 8000 Series Modular Barrier System utilized to provide safe indoor fall protection for a second-floor mezzanine....
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Chemical Plant Personnel Walkway Guardrailing Chemical Plant Personnel Walkway Guardrailing
Interclamp standard safety posts have been utilized to provide secure safety guardrailing for work personnel along walkways for the Polish chemical plant....
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Galvanised Railway Station Safety Guardrailing Galvanised Railway Station Safety Guardrailing
Interclamp pipe clamp fittings have been used to construct standard safety posts for multiple installations around this railway station....
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Pipe Clamp Civic Amenity Facilities Pipe Clamp Civic Amenity Facilities
Interclamp pipe clamp fittings and tube used to construct secure safety guardrailing for civic amenity and recycling facilities....
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Housing Accessibility Handrailing Housing Accessibility Handrailing
Interclamp key clamp fittings and tube have been utilised to create safety posts for accessible handrailing ensuring safety and stability for these steps surrounding a social housing development....
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