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DDA Disability Handrail - College Installation

The Interclamp DDA Assist® single rail handrail system installed at Lilydale College is an aesthetically pleasing and disability compliant solution. It is part of the DDA compliant handrail 5000 series, which has been designed to help compliance with the public access standards.


The 5010 style selected at Lilydale College offers a single DDA compliant top rail and is generally used on staircases that do not require a kickplate. It is constructed from high-quality galvanised steel, which provides superior corrosion resistance and ensures a long service life. The 724 return terminations used to finish the handrail at Lilydale College add a final touch of elegance and sophistication. 


Overall, the Interclamp DDA® Assist single rail handrail system is an excellent choice for projects that require a high-quality, disability compliant, handrail solution.

 Interclamp 5000 Series installed at Lilydale College
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