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Pedestrian Barriers

Interclamp Galvanized Pedestrian Barrier is a modular safety system designed to integrate fully with the Interclamp handrail system and provide rapid construction of balustrade structures. The galvanized barrier offers strength, durability and versatility enabling it to be used in a wide variety of applications. Panels can be shipped directly to site as a complete package by selecting the relevant stanchions for the installation.

Rapid to install when using Interclamp modular tube clamp handrail fittings with minimum tools, no welding is required.

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392 - 2m Barrier Panel

Interclamp 392 - 2m Pedestrian Barrier Panel

8010D48-FL-02 Stanchion

8010-D48 Barrier End Stanchion

8010D48-FL-03 Stanchion

8010-D48 Middle Stanchion

8010D48-FL-04 Stanchion

8010-D48 Barrier Corner Stanchion