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Can Interclamp be used for outdoor handrails?
Yes, Interclamp handrail fittings and tube are galvanised, which means they can be used to construct both outdoor handrails and indoor handrails. Interclamp components are hot-dipped galvanised to AS/NZS 4680:2006 giving a corrosion resistant finish for an extended life.
Can you weld Interclamp?
No, Interclamps should not be welded. Interclamp fittings are a modular solution designed to allow for the rapid assembly of many types of handrails and other structures with minimal tools.
Are Interclamp fittings available in different colours?
Yes, Interclamp tube and fittings can be powder coated in a range of different colours. Please contact us with your requirements.
Can my order be shipped direct to site?
Yes, we can ship your order direct to site for rapid installation. As Interclamp is a modular handrail system this allows for more cost effective shipping when compared to pre-fabricated handrail systems.
Are setscrews included with the fitting or do they need to be purchased additionally?
All Interclamp handrail fittings come complete with setscrews. Setscrews are stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance.
Can Interclamp be used to make a handrail for the Elderly?
Yes, Interclamp offer many solutions to construct handrails for the elderly.
Can Interclamps be used to make disability handrails for ramps and stairs?
Yes, the Interclamp DDA Assist range, in conjunction with the standard range of fittings, has been especially designed for disability handrails to help compliance with AS 1428.1-2009, Design for Access and Mobility General Requirements for Access - New Building Work, the Building Code of Australia and other national standards requiring a smooth handrail.
Are Interclamp fittings only used for handrails?
No! Although primarily used for the construction of modular handrail sytems, the versatility of Interclamps allows for the rapid assembly of many different types of structures. Different Interclamp tube clamp projects include shop fitting, racking and shelving, trolley bays, furniture, signage, play equipment and many more. See our projects page for more examples.
Do Interclamp fittings come with a warranty?
Yes, for complete peace of mind, Interclamp fittings sold in Australia benefit from a 5 year warranty, for details see our Terms & Conditions of Quotation & Sale.
What torque should Interclamp setscrews be tightened to?
To obtain optimum setscrew slip loads, the setscrew should be tightened to 40Nm, for which a ratchet wrench may be necessary. Ensure that this torque is not exceeded.
What tools are required to assemble Interclamp tube clamp fittings?
Interclamp fittings are designed to build structures out of tubes assembled with just a hex key! Minimal tools are required to complete the installation, a saw and tape measure will be required for cutting tubes to the required lengths (or speak with us about our cutting service). A level is useful for ensuring handrail stanchions are upright and handrails are level. A drill and wrenches may be required for securing Interclamp structures to an appropriate surface with the relevant fixings.