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Interclamp 4020 is a two rail modular handrail system commonly used for balustrades, industrial handrailing, guardrail, zone segregation and fall protection on walkways, ramps and fixed platforms.

The Interclamp 4020 Modular Handrail System has been designed to comply with Australian Standard AS1657:2018.

Easy to order - Select the handrail style and choose required posts and rails.

Simple to assemble -  Minimal tools needed, no welding required.

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2m D48 Handrail Tube Section (Top & Mid-Rail) - Safety Yellow

Safety Yellow 2m D48 Tube Section (Top & Mid-Rail)


4020-D48 End Post with D-Return

4020D48-FL-01 Safety Yellow

4020-D48 Safety Yellow End Post with D-Return


4020-D48 End Post

4020D48-FL-02 Safety Yellow

4020-D48 Safety Yellow End Post


4020-D48 Mid Post

4020D48-FL-03 Safety Yellow

4020-D48 Safety Yellow Mid Post


4020-D48 Corner Post

4020D48-FL-04 Safety Yellow

4020-D48 Safety Yellow Corner Post