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Key Clamp Disability Ramp Handrail installed at a Kindergarten

Installed at a primary school, the Interclamp DDA Assist® double offset rail handrail system combines aesthetics with disability compliance. As part of the DDA compliant handrail 5000 series, it aligns with AS 1428.1-2009, Design for Access and Mobility General Requirements for Access - New Building Work, the Building Code of Australia and other national standards requiring a smooth handrail.


The 5150 style, chosen for the primary school, features a DDA compliant double offset system, ideal for access ramps requiring toe board. Crafted from durable galvanised steel, it ensures longevity and superior corrosion resistance. Functional and visually appealing, the system fulfils both practical and aesthetic needs. In summary, the Interclamp DDA Assist® handrail system stands out as an exceptional choice for projects demanding top-tier, disability compliant handrail solutions.

Interclamp disability compliant galvanised handrail with toeboard installed at a kindergarten
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